Helping you uncover the underlying causes
and how to solve them

When you find yourself asking these questions, it’s time to question the real source of the pain. We help you understand what dynamics are being played out with individuals on your team. What sensitivities exist. And how to help your people change, develop and evolve to better achieve the goals of your organization.

With a highly analytical approach, we connect the dots. We help your team leaders really understand their “secret sauce” and how to best utilize it to have a greater positive impact on the organization. In so doing, this enables others to impact the team in a more positive manner. And thus the evolution begins.

Executive integration

Teamwork plays a huge role in how successful an organization will be. We collaborate with you to determine how to get the most out of your team members. If someone is new to the organization, we help accelerate his on boarding and effectiveness. Some people may have great ideas but can’t see them through. Some may be difficult to work with. Some may have a certain managerial style that is affecting the success of the team. We don’t just treat those symptoms. We get to the root of the problems and solve them — all while in complete alignment with your business objectives.

Executive coaching

We enable executives to unlock their full potential with a powerful program that accelerates their leadership skills — from influence, communication and execution to strategic thinking, mentoring and team building. We also offer a variety of workshops to help you address those sometimes “difficult conversations” with members of your team.

Team building, development & facilitation

Functioning as a powerful, efficient team is often as essential as it is elusive. We identify and define the issues that prevent your team from succeeding. From helping them resist working in silos, to communicating more effectively, to sharing best practices so they don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time they embark on a new project. We also teach how to resolve conflict constructively.

Pre-hire assessment

When you’re hiring from the outside, we help you identify who would best fit your team’s dynamics and your corporate culture. We help assess if they have the best skill sets to fit your team’s needs. When promoting from within the organization, we provide valuable guidance to help you determine if that person is, in fact, promotable and would excel in this new position.

High potential assessment

When you’ve identified valuable members of your team, it’s important to find ways to further leverage their skills and groom them for even higher-level roles and responsibilities. We help you fast-track them for bigger and better successes. At the same time, when you’re considering the inherent value of a challenging team member, one unavoidable question is “Should we be investing in this person?” We help you determine an employee’s true potential and help you map ways to assess the proper steps forward.

Succession planning

We help organizations such as yours plan ahead in the event members of your leadership team were to depart. We understand that finding the right candidate, is the true challenge. So we help you identify and develop key members from within your organization to assume these leadership roles as they become available. This ensures leadership continuity as well as employee commitment and retention. In addition, we make sure to identify how these changes might affect the rest of your managerial leadership and their roles within the organization so you know what to expect.

Mergers & acquisition leadership team consulting

When two companies become one, it presents a host of challenges, not the least of which is determining the leadership team or how best to integrate the new contingent of employees. Through due diligence, we help you assess the potential strengths and weaknesses as well as agree on a plan of action that aligns with your business objectives.

Executive board consulting

When professionals from so many varied backgrounds come together for a common good, the experience is not always easy. We work with Boards to enable them to work more productively and efficiently. We also help CEOs further develop their communications skills to better lead the charge with clarity and vision.