The process

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We Understand People.
We Understand Organizations.
And How to Best Bring the Two Together.

We are clinical experts. Yet our entire process depends on the essential collaboration with our clients. Together, we can greatly improve your current challenges and achieve successful outcomes.

Our proprietary process begins with an initial interview, where we gain an understanding of your organizational challenges and business objectives, as well as set expectations.

Next, we tailor our process to suit your specific needs. In each case, we select the appropriate models, diagnostic tools, and styles necessary for your organization to achieve successful outcomes.

Then we identify key strengths and weaknesses through a 360° data gathering process — reaching out to managers and team members as well as through independent observations, shadowing techniques and feedback interviews.

Next, we map our findings to your business objectives to ensure the agreed-upon plan of action is well positioned to accomplish your goals. We also build-in the necessary measurement tools to assess the plan’s level of success.

We act as a catalyst to help key members develop new techniques and skills that can be seamlessly blended with their own individual talents. We also facilitate an individual’s self awareness and awareness of others while he or she is learning these new skills.

Lastly, we work one-on-one to reinforce these newly acquired behaviors and skills, all while assessing their productive impact on the business.

It’s a delicate balance. But often essential for a company’s growth and prosperity.